Images in this exhibit are selected from the CCAS digital collection created by UC San Diego Library. The narratives are adapted from Xi Chen's essay "Visualizing Early 1970s China through the Lens of the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars (CCAS) Friendship Delegations" published on Cross Currents - East Asian History and Cultural Review.

We are grateful to Professor Paul Pickowicz (UC San Diego), William Joseph (Wellesley College) and Stephen MacKinnon (Arizona State University) who generously contributed their materials to the CCAS digital collection. Prof. Pickowicz recently published his memoir related to the 1971 trip, A Sensational Encounter with High Socialist China by City University of Hong Kong Press.

Library staff who provided vital assistance in creating this exhibit include Xi Chen, Chinese Studies Librarian; Rachel Lieu, Digital Library Project Coordinator; Cristela Garcia-Spitz, Digital Initiative Librarian; Reid Otsuji, Data Curation Specialist and Faculty Liaison Librarian for Research Data Curation; Suhui Ho, Digital User Experience Librarian; Matthew Peters, Electronic Resources & Digital Projects Coordinator for Special Collections & Archives; Allison Flick, System Administrator; Matt Critchlow, Application Programmer and Jessica Hilt, Manager of Applications Development and Web Services.